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Mariner’s managerial, technical and operational expertise

Mariner’s team is highly experienced in all aspects of terminal development and operations. Key members of the team have been responsible for the development of major international terminals (such as the multi-million TEU Malta Freeport) over their entire life-cycle from planning and design through to operation. The company’s technical expertise is reflected in the success of Mariner’s own portfolio of terminals where the company’s know-how in operations, planning, IT and engineering, combined with its financial strength and optimal deployment of capital resources, have yielded consistently strong growth, enhanced productivity and record volumes of throughput.

Mariner is a recognised competitive player in the container industry with a strong track record in port management. The company’s reputation is built on its efficiency and expertise in operations, and its focus and hands-on approach to port management. This management capability is supported by the company’s proven experience in human resources, berthing allocations, warehousing and freight stations, infrastructural design and requirements, information systems, equipment procurement specifications and training programmes.

The upgrade of quays, berths and equipment in order to handle the latest generation of vessels and logistic systems all form the basis of Mariner’s technical expertise. In fact, Mariner takes great pride in conducting its operations and development works simultaneously whilst performing seamless operations throughout. This expertise includes conducting numerous environmental impact assessments and obtaining relevant planning permits for major terminals in Malta and internationally, including projects financed by the EU and financial institutions.