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A ports management specialist that operates a more efficient terminal

Mariner was set up with the specific objective of developing and managing medium-sized seaport container terminals. The company has made major investments in three terminals. Mariner acquired its first terminal Baltic Container Terminal (BCT) in Riga, Latvia in 1996, before acquiring Terminal Intermodale Venezia (TIV) in Venice, Italy in a joint venture in 2002. Both terminals are operated by Mariner. Having developed BCT and TIV into leaders in their respective regions, Mariner has recently added a third terminal, Durres Container Terminal (DCT) in Durres, Albania, to its portfolio.

In the last two decades, Mariner has yielded positive returns on investment from BCT in Riga Freeport and TIV in Venice as a result of Mariner’s keen focus on sound business dynamics and financial performance. This efficiency and expertise has enabled TIV and BCT to consistently grow their volumes over the years, successfully navigating the global economic crisis of recent years and in so doing have become leaders in their respective regions. Over the past 9 years BCT and TIV achieved compounded annual volume growth of 6.9% and 10.6%, respectively.

To date, the company has forged significant strategic alliances in each of its operating regions. Spurred on by the beneficial effects of these synergies, Mariner is now seeking to pursue further investment opportunities in the United Kingdom, the Black Sea region and the Asian sub-continent.

Mariner is well positioned to implement these expansionist strategies; the company is a recognised player in the market with the capability to operate as a lean, efficient and focused business that acts decisively in the port sector, particularly in emerging and niche markets. To achieve this, the company relies on a strong, qualified and experienced management team.

Based on its record of building productive partnerships, management skills and operational know-how, Mariner is always on the look-out for strategic alliances with best-in-class organisations in the ports sector to bring greater value to its customers and to strengthen its operating efficiencies.

Mariner is a Marin Hili Holdings company.