Company – History

Company roots dating back over 90 years

Mariner finds its roots in the Hili family’s tradition in shipping, which dates back to 1923, initially a business in the trading of commodities. From this ship brokering and chartering were developed with the purpose of facilitating the trading business. Under his namesake company, Carmelo Caruana, the founder maintained and developed the business through to the early 1970s.

During the period his nephews, members of the Hili family, joined the company and thereafter the company started to expand and diversify its portfolio. Further, in view of the small Malta market, the company started to look outwards and successfully pursued opportunities overseas.
Led by its Chairman, Marin Hili, what became the Hili group of companies – encompassing Carmelo Caruana and other related activities – embarked on a journey transitioning from brokers, charterers and agents to principals and took a more direct role in port activities, effectively taking on a more entrepreneurial spirit, all the while maintaining the tradition of maritime and transport.

By the 1990s the group profile entailed three core businesses: port operations and related logistical activities; franchising – holding the McDonald’s franchise in a number of countries, and; other enterprises in business areas including real estate, engineering and financial services. During this time Mariner was established to encompass the port and related activities business.
Following a restructuring, the group was split into two parts with Mariner, now independent of the other part of the group, led by Marin Hili who was Chairman of the Hili group from inception.

Mariner is a Marin Hili Holdings company.