Leadership – Management Overview

A hands-on management approach

Mariner is a recognised player with the proven capability to operate as a lean, efficient and focused business that can act in the port sector with agility to reach its goals. To achieve this, the company relies on a strong, qualified and experienced management team.

Management Profiles

Marin Hili

Chairman and CEO

Marin is Chairman and CEO of Mariner. He is also Chairman of Baltic Container Terminal and Terminal Intermodale Venezia, and a director of Durres Container Terminal. Marin has acquired a wealth of knowledge through his experience in port development, investment and operations. In 1987 Marin was appointed Chairman by the Maltese Government to develop the Malta Freeport into a commercially viable hub – a post he held for 15 years. Here he developed the port from inception to a multi-million TEU transhipment hub. Additionally, he held the post of Chairman of the Privatisation Unit in Malta.

Marin’s business experience extends to his role as Chairman of Hili Company where he set the family group on a path of strategic expansion, developing a successful international conglomerate. Here, he expanded the group’s purview from its traditional roots in shipping to related activities such as international trade, trade finance, petrochemical and construction supplies, property development, franchising (McDonald’s), real estate and construction engineering. Marin was decorated by the State as Member of the National Order of Merit (MOM) in 2002 in recognition of his successful contribution to the development of the Malta Freeport.

Edward Hili

Executive Director

Edward is Executive Director of Mariner. His main responsibilities encompass corporate finance, business development and strategy. Edward joined the company as a financial analyst in 2006 and subsequently served as Business and Finance Manager. He also serves on the board of Baltic Container Terminal and is the co-founder and Managing Director of Trumpington Street Capital, the investment management arm of Marin Hili Holdings. Edward graduated Master of Finance from the University of Cambridge and obtained his undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) in Banking and Finance, from the University of Malta. He is also a Chartered Certified Accountant.

Michela Borg

Executive Director

Michela is Executive Director of Mariner, having initially joined the company as a research and development analyst in 2008 and subsequently served as Research and Development Manager. Her main responsibilities include research and analyses of industry markets as well as corporate marketing. She also serves on the board of Baltic Container Terminal. Michela Borg graduated Master of Medical Genetics from Newcastle University, UK and obtained her undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Chemistry and Biology, from the University of Malta.

Gerard Sammut


Gerard joined the group’s Riga operation, BCT, in 1997 from Air Malta where he held the post of Head of Strategic Planning and Control. Today, as Finance Director of BCT he is responsible for all financial decisions, as well as overseeing the day to day terminal operations and being involved in all strategic management decisions. Gerard acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience on both the corporate finance terminal operation sides of the business and in 2013 he was appointed a Director on the Board of Mariner Capital.

Gerard graduated Master of Business Administration (Hons) from the Norwegian School of Management and BA (Hons) in Business Management from the University of Malta. He is also an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

Derek Peters

Marketing Director

Derek has been involved in port operations, and sales and marketing of unitised cargo since the advent of containerisation in 1967. Derek has held Directorships in the Ports of Felixstowe, Malta Freeport, Fujairah, Thamesport and, most recently, DCT Gdansk in Poland. He has acquired a unique knowledge of the many requirements in developing container ports and has developed and retained a wide range of contacts among ship owners, cargo movers and associated bodies. Derek has advised governments, port authorities and trade bodies on the development of new and revitalised port facilities.

Joe Bugeja

Engineering Director

A civil engineer and architect by profession, Joe has much experience in maritime-based developments including long-term appointments in an operational capacity. He started his career at the Malta International Airport in 1973 working his way to Head of Engineering before joining Malta Freeport in 1988. Joe’s contribution in the planning, construction and commissioning of the multi-million TEU capacity Malta Freeport facility led to his eventual position as General Manager of the Container Terminal for the period 1997 to 2004. Following the privatisation of the terminal, he was appointed Director of Projects and Development.

Ian Micallef

PA to the Chairman and General Counsel

A lawyer by profession, Ian has been involved in the maritime industry since the early stages of his career. Following an initial period on the Board of Directors at Freeport Terminal Malta from 1992 to 1996, he was appointed Senior Legal Manager for the major transhipment port of Malta Freeport. Throughout his tenure of office there he contributed decisively on client (Shipping Lines) contracts, dispute resolution, equipment acquisition negotiations up to commissioning, human resource engagement conditions, port work services sourcing and industrial dispute resolution. Ian’s industry knowledge is complemented by appointments on EU panels as representative of Maltese national bodies. Ian graduated LLD from the University of Malta.

Kevin Saliba

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin is a certified public accountant and auditor by profession. He joined Hili Group of Companies in 2001 as Finance Manager of Baltimore Consulting Limited where he specialised in offshore companies and trade finance. In 2004 Kevin moved to Venice and was appointed CFO of Terminal Intermodale Venezia. Here he developed his knowledge of the port industry, terminal operations and the Italian financial sector. Kevin held this position for over three years during which time he was responsible for fulfilling the financing requirements for the company’s capital expenditure in line with its expansion programme. In 2007 Kevin returned to Malta as Group Financial Controller of the Hili Group of Companies. Kevin graduated from the University of Malta with a Bachelor of Commerce in 1996. Two years later he attained his Bachelor in Accountancy (Hons) Degree from the same university.

Martin Azzopardi

Operations Director

Martin is highly experienced in the port sector having spent a career in the industry and is responsible for overseeing all the group’s port operations. Starting off as a trainee, he went on to serve as Operations Manager of the multi-million TEU Malta Freeport for 7 years. During this 18 year period Martin attained a high level of expertise in port operations and, as part of senior management, helped drive large throughput and productivity increases at the Malta Freeport facility. In 2006, Martin brought this experience to Mariner’s Venice terminal, TIV. Initially acting as the terminal’s Financial Controller, he then progressed to become Terminal Manager, taking on more of the day-to-day operational management of the company and was central to the company’s re-focusing on its container operations following the disposal of its break bulk and general cargo business. Martin then went on to be appointed General Manager of TIV. Martin graduated Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) in management and public policy from the University of Malta. He is also a Certified Public Accountant.