Company – CSR

Giving back to the community

Corporate Social Responsibility provides an approach that makes better quality decisions on the issues that affect the lives of everyone that is directly or indirectly connected to Mariner and its terminal operations.

Mariner promotes business practices that ensure economic, social and environmental benefits by adopting a sustainable development strategy. The company does this by ensuring a better quality of life based on higher and more stable levels of economic growth and employment, on social progress and on the effective protection of the environment. Mariner provides for the development and application of best practice in the training of personnel so that they take pride in their work by reaching their full potential in the work place. BCT is active at the Latvian Maritime Academy where the company evaluates the diploma work of graduates in port studies. It regularly provides theoretical training and on-the-job training for students of the Maritime Academy and the Transport Institute, the company also sponsors the studies of one orphan every year.

To better ensure the safety of its staff, protect the environment and maintain the quality of its operational best practice, Mariner maintains a strict adherence to international guidelines, standards and regulations to ensure proper performance levels in health and safety, and security. TIV is ISO 9001 certified and OSHAH 8001 certified. BCT  and DCT are both ISPS certified.

Mariner holds dear its relationships with authorities, community bodies, unions, customers and other stakeholders. For example, BCT participates in the Latvian Stevedoring Association and in the Riga Port Council. TIV is a member of ASSITERMINAL, the national association of terminal operators that is involved in all aspects of the port’s activities.